Explore the alluring mystique of Japan in luxurious candles and diffusers embodying
the exotic scents found in mother nature’s Eastern perfumery. Seductive and sensual
or bright and brilliant, Kōdō fragrance blends are expertly crafted in tradition
to arouse the perfect mood that lasts in memory. Invite a slice of oriental
ambience into your special world and embrace the way of fragrance.
Kōdō Founder and Japanese national, Hitokuni, loves being surrounded by beautiful fragrances in both nature and the home. From the sweet cherry blossom of his homeland Japan to the oceanside wattle of his new home in Sydney, to him, fragrance is simply a fundamental way of life. One perplexing problem eventually got to him though. He couldn’t find expertly made candles and diffusers that captured quality scent blends worthy of making their way into his world. So, he started Kōdō. 
His Japanese-inspired ethos is to embrace “ukiyo”; to live in the moment and detach from the bothers of life, by transcending “kōdō”; the way of fragrance. His belief in this scent motivated mindfulness is captured in the stunning blends he masterfully creates across the eclectic Kōdō candle and diffuser collection. This is a focused profession infused with creative passion and a calling to share the mind-body benefits of living a fragrant existence.
Hitokuni also honours the relationship between moment and memory understanding how scent plays an integral role in harmonising this innate connection — incense, a calling to the temple with family on New Year’s Eve; tea, rugged up with a winter blanket watching TV; and pine, that first, exciting bush walk taken in Sydney. The scents retained in memory evoke fond flashbacks to good times, people and places staying emotionally etched in our minds forever. This is the spirit and intention that goes into crafting captivating Kōdō scents that are destined to become portals to precious moments. Discover the scent and evoke beautiful memories with Kōdō your fragrant muse.